Eye See...Eye Learn Program


The Eye See… Eye Learn program was originally started in 2003 as a pilot project between the Alberta Association of Optometrists and numerous government and industry organizations. The intent of the Eye See..Eye Learn program was to ensure that vision problems were not a factor in preventing children from reaching their full learning potential at school. Children entering Kindergarten are encouraged to receive a complete vision examination by their optometrist, which should include: eye health, eye structure, visual acuity (distance & near), eye movements, focusing, binocularity and colour perception testing. The results of the original Eye See...Eye Learn pilot study showed that approximately 6% Kindergarten children required eyeglasses and an additional 8% had some other type of vision problems.

The Eye See…Eye Learn program took things one-step further and offered 1 free complete pair of eyeglasses to Kindergarten age children who are given a prescription by their optometrist. The free eyewear is sponsored through corporate donations from: optiq frames, essilor and Hilco Canada. 

The Eye See…Eye Learn program has been a remarkable success story and as a result, the program was expanded across Alberta to include both public and separate school divisions. Your child should be given an Eye See…Eye Learn package when they start Kindergarten. Please take the time to look through everything, and bring in the Eye See…Eye Learn Eye Health & Vision Report form to their eye exam for your optometrist to fill out. This Eye See...Eye Learn form should then be submitted to their kindergarten teacher at school.

Did you know?: Alberta Health Care covers the cost of a complete eye exam for all children 18 years of age or under.  Alberta Health Care also covers the cost of all medical visits for things such as: pink eye, eye infections, allergies, eye injuries, vision changes, or visual emergencies.

Children can participate in the Eye See…Eye Learn program at:

To learn more about the Eye See...Eye Learn program, please visit the Alberta Association of Optometrists website.

*Statistics & Images via the Alberta Association of Optometrists