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Can my dog get an eye exam?

Yes, but not in one of my offices. Dog’s have eye problems just like humans do. They can develop glaucoma, cataracts and retinal eye disease. In fact many pure breed dogs are susceptible to genetic eye conditions from improper breeding practices.

When my own dog had eye problems, I didn’t know who I should visit? I knew that there was an ophthalmologist at the University of Saskatchewan Veterinary Hospital, but that was a long way to drive for watery eyes. In the end, the vet near our home referred us to a doctor at the Lessard-Callingwood Veterinary Hospital in the west end who specializes in animal eye care.

The nerdy eye doctor inside of me was curious as to what an animal eye care specialist would do for testing. He had all the same tools in his office that I use in mine, just the hand held versions and a couple of modified tools that were just for animals. In the end he gave my dog a very thorough eye health evaluation and irrigated my dogs tear ducts. My dog seemed happy and so were we.

So if you’re in need of a good small animal eye doctor, then check them out or drive to Saskatoon.

Lessard-Callingwood Veterinary Hospital
7414-178 Street NW