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Change or Enhance your Eye Color

If you are looking to change your eye colour or enhance your eye colour then coloured contact lenses may be a great option for you. Coloured contact lenses are designed to bring added attention to your eyes. They can make blue eyes bluer, green eyes greener and brown eyes, well, not brown.

Enhancer coloured contact lenses such as the Acuvue 2 Enhancers help to bring a little extra pop to your own natural eye colour. They are designed for people with light coloured eyes such as blue and green and will not work for people with darker eyes. A light tint is added throughout the entire lens and enhancer contact lenses tend to provide the most natural appearance. The downside to enhancer contact lenses is that they can change your colour vision and you may not be able to accurately judge subtle colour variations or you may fail a colour vision test when you wear them. 

Opaque coloured contact lenses such as Freshlook Colorblends are used when people want to change their own eye colour. They are best designed for people with darker coloured eyes but can still be used in people with lighter eyes. A paint like finish is applied to the outer edge of the lens that closely resembles the natural human iris, but the centre of the lens in front of the pupil is left clear. Unlike enhancer lenses, opaque coloured contact lenses will not impair your colour vision. However, due to the peripheral colour they can impair a person’s peripheral vision and should never be worn for sports.

Circle lenses from companies such as Geo Medical Ltd. are the newest craze in contact lens wear and have started to pop up in many of the Asian countries. Circle lenses are used to produce the illusion that a person’s eye is larger then it really is. This is achieved by making the contact lens slightly larger in overall diameter. The challenge with these contact lenses arises in the fact that they are made with older conventional style contact lenses materials, which do not allow the same amount of oxygen to the cornea. In fact, most of these contact lens materials have not been used in our optometry clinics in over 10 years. So as an eye doctor I cannot endorse my patients wearing these contact lenses as they may compromise the overall health of your eyes.

So if you would like to try enhancer or opaque coloured contact lenses then book an appointment with Dr. Ross McKenzie for a professional contact lens fitting.